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Fortnite  Review

You’ve probably heard of Fortnite by now, the billion dollar craze that swept the world by storm in 2017/18 and had soccer stars dancing their hearts out. The game has transcended gaming platforms, having releases on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, and over 200 million players worldwide.

Fortnite sees 100 players, including yourself, drop onto an island and battle it out to be the last man standing. You can play in modes such as solo, duo, and squad (up to 3 or four players). This version of the game is free to play, unlike the earlier Save the World release, which had co-op players battling against zombie hordes in a sandbox model. In this version of the game, you still have to scavenge for weapons, health packs, vehicles, boosters, and other resources to beat other players. Fortnite also has building mechanics which allow you to put up fortifications and other structures to get to or escape from enemies. Like most battle royale games, the 8x8 km island is always reducing in size, forcing players to confront each other more and more. Fortnite also allows you to sync everything up on your Epic account without losing any progress. Moreover, you can join your friends that play on other platforms in cross-platform servers.

The prospect of Fortnite being ported to mobile was always facing fluidity of its controls as a potential Achilles’ heel. The game plays effortlessly, however, and you can easily switch between shooting and building simply by swiping on the bottom on-screen button. Getting used to the controls feels sluggish post-console or PC, but it gets intuitive after a few tries, mainly because everything is on-screen.

Where Fortnite on mobile excels is its flawless visuals that rarely drops frames. The map is hasn’t been reduced in size, and the view distance is good enough that you can make kill shots from as far away as you are used to. Fortnite has always been known as a colorful and vibrant game, and this mobile version doesn’t disappoint.

Fortnite deserves all the praise for its replay value simply because you can play the game cross-platform on a single account. That’s enough incentive to play, outside the neat graphics, terrific building mechanics and everything else that the Fortnite universe has to offer.


  • The game looks beautiful on mobile devices;
  • Delivers an unhindered experience despite the port;
  • Controls quickly get intuitive;
  • You can play on cross-platform servers.


  • The shooting button at times gets in the way of certain moves.
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by Anthony Bunn
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