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PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG was the king of the genre with its no-frills battle royale offering, that is until Fortnite came along. Now, PUBG is unleashed on mobile, and the experience doesn’t disappoint at all!

PUBG Mobile is just as you might have known it. A multiplayer shooter in which 100 players including yourself parachute onto an 8x8 km island for a no-frills, unforgiving battle royale in which the last player standing takes it all. The plot is similar to most other battle royale games, except that PUBG is the game that truly popularized hunting your enemies and scavenging for items in an environment that reduces in size. This mobile version has a map list similar to the PC and console versions, with Miramar, Vikendi, Erangel, and Sanhok. The game allows you to play in solo, duo or squad modes. Unfortunately, PUBG still doesn’t offer cross-platform support like Fortnite does where people from different platforms can play together.

What also made PUBG famous was the fact that you could actually commandeer trucks, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles and use these as weapons or to gain a strategic advantage. The mobile version still offers the real PUBG experience, even if it starts out as lackluster in the beginning. PUBG doesn’t have the building mechanics popular with Fortnite, which is why many players still love the game.

Despite the concerns that the game was going to be clunky, porting of the controls has turned out quite well. Granted, they are not as fluid as they would be on a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, they do get intuitive after a while; plus, a lot has been automated, such as picking up a weapon. The game does provide on-screen joysticks, and there are on-screen buttons for everything from crouching, shooting, jumping, to opening a backpack and loading a gun.

The visuals in PUBG Mobile can’t honestly be expected to compete with the mighty PC and console power, but they do stand on their own, and you can get used to playing on your mobile device in no time. Occasionally, the frame rate dips, though it is mostly stable. Depending on your device’s processing abilities, you might run into one or two glitches affecting the graphics.

You’re bound to play this game again and again because there’s no denying how good it is. It offers a lot of the content present on console and PC, and what’s missing is covered for by terrific gameplay.


  • Excellent graphics;
  • Has tons of unlockable features;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • The gameplay on mobile stays true to the original.


  • Occasionally suffers from a glitch;
  • Cross-platform servers may be a worthy addition.
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