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Bobby Rabbit - HD Review

One story saga about Rabbit and Carrot . !!!!!!
Are you remember rabit in java game ? And remember puzzle game Bobby Carrot in java ?
This version is first version of Rabit game :)
Welcome to the huge Dreamworld of riddle-hare Bobby Rabbit ! Witness the most beautiful puzzle adventure right on your Android touch! In each level you have to pick up all Carrots and thus open the magic exit and avoid trap to the next level.
But beware: Tons of traps and obstacles block your way.
A brave rabbit Bobby Carrot goes in search of carrots. Your task is to help the starving rabbit gather all the carrots that are scattered about 50 playing levels. And it could be easy, but the levels are stuffed with various traps and puzzle from top to bottom. If you get to at least one of those trap, you will become a dinner for a hunter.
if you like tile-based puzzler so the similar look and feel of Carrot and Rabbit have you interested immediately. But though I'm just now discovering it, Carrot and Rabbit's actually been a fairly long-running series in this genre, having started out on mobile phones puzzle game back in 2004.
Carrot and Rabbit is actually a port of one of those older mobile titles,
Carrot and Rabbit (Bobby Carrot) – with upgraded graphics and sound to make the action feel more at home on your television than in your pocket. The enhancements look nice, if a bit inconsistent – Bobby is a rabbit whose puzzles involve him doing such widely diverse things as driving lawnmowers across clouds and stepping on dragons' tails so they breathe fire at mirrors, so the elements don't always mesh together too cohesively even if they look fine on their own.
That randomness seems to be part of this puzzler's appeal, though, as you never know what obstacles trap you'll have to overcome in any given level – as you're tasked to collect enough carrots to unlock a goal square, then guide Bobby safely through the trap to that square in order to move on and overcome puzzle. Collecting bonus coins lets you go shopping at an in-game items shop to purchase optional items that make Bobby's puzzling life easier. And Bobby rabbit will be happier when he collect more carrot when had passed through many puzzle and trap on his way.
"Need For Speed: Undercover sure looks great visually, but games like Bobby Rabbit Carrot Forever excel in longevity and replayability puzzle game."
"This game is easily a "must have puzzle game on your phone
"Bobby Carrot is to mobile gaming consoles."

"I loved this one a lot I play and like these Nokia games and apps that I can not enjoy on android........????But thank you for this game I played it on my Nokia lumia 534 the newly launched one I liked it a lot thanks for converting it also into Android APK.........."

" Super fun and colorful rabbit run game for children under 5 years old! …"

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- 15+ hours of fun
- Full 30 levels
- 17 CD-Quality audio tracks.Nature sounds effect
- tons of sound effects
- award winning game series
- console game quality
- Classic graphics with character Booby Rabbit
-Various trap and more funny things
-Puzzle game for adult and kid

LET´S GO! Come with Dreamworld of riddle-hare Bobby Rabbit

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by Katie Kilberg D'Agostine
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