Games Which Have Come in June

Katie Kilberg D'Agostine


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June was a month rich in events. As to the most important moment, we should remember an exciting occasion in gaming society - E3. It's the annual industry-based exhibition where numerous leading businesses of the gaming market can be found. There were a lot of announcements, and as a result, we have new games to improve our skills and get inspiration. Most of the games are just coming in the nearest future while some of them have become available by this moment. In June we discovered some very interesting games which we are going to describe briefly now. Fans of all genres will get their fix!

Lots of Fun

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night game screenshot

Eventually, we got Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which resembles ex-Castlevania boss Koji Igarashi. It is a gothic horror with a key character living with an alchemist's curse, promising that her body will crystallize slowly. To prevent it, she is expected to fight and save humanity. To some extent, this action game is based on Symphony of the Night. Here you will also have a big castle to explore and plenty of monsters to battle. As a result, you will get powerful magic. It is a good story, isn't it? Well, you can start to develop the plot together with characters on your personal computer, Xbox One, and PS4. There is the Switch version, allowing you to play on the go.

Judgement game screenshot

Another staff is not unique. On the contrary, it reminds something you have played before like Yakuza game. This is Judgement. It is available on PS4 only. The key character is a detective Takayuki Yagami, which investigates a series of murders. In general, the plot is exciting and full of complicated and interweaving situations, secrets, and scenes. You will learn more about the Japanese legal system and local police. Everything is of high quality in this game: the drama, mystery, performances. The combat system is also nice, allowing a player to change styles when fighting.

Samurai Shodown game screenshot

If you are fond of Japanese culture, you should continue with Samurai Shodown, a new fighting game series. Its story takes place in Japan in the 18th century. You will enjoy the battle system and various characters, including monsters. The plot differs from game to game. The thing, all these parts have in common, is the design performed in a clear traditional Japanese calligraphy style. You will be suggested to master various weapon styles and apply your skills to get the highest score to win your rivals.

The Sinking City game screenshot

The Sinking City is an action horror video game with adventures and mysteries. You will navigate a private investigator Charles Reed who is expected to cope with a series of strange events happening in the fishing town of Oakmont. The point is that the streets of this settlement are flooded without clear reasons. Here you will find human-animal hybrids. All residents are frightened, aggressive, and have a prejudice against outsiders. In other words, this bizarre tale is full of various details of engrossing storytelling. In the long run, Reed will find the source of urban crime and battle with mysterious creatures.

Super Mario Maker 2 game screenshot

If you want to play endlessly, pay your attention to Super Mario Maker 2. This sequel is packed with options, challenges, tools, and achievements. Moreover, you can build custom levels. In this game you will find new characters which you have not met before. They are Banzai Bills and Angry Sun. There are several modes, plenty of levels with increasing complicity. The game offers clear conditions to choose from interfering greatly in the traditional rules of the series.

The Show Must Go On

The above-mentioned list is not very long but interesting enough. You will definitely be occupied until the new video games come in July. Of course, it is high time to be ready for the next releases. In general, 2019 in gaming is rather promising. Numerous video games are announced to be released this year. And do not forget that late in August PAX is coming. It includes gaming tournaments and a lot of other events. So you can get ready for participation in them and start mastering your fighting skills right now. Series of gaming festivals have become a real show for insiders of this industry.

And you know what? Computer games are not only an occupation allowing to fight boredom and entertain yourself. They develop your brain, improve your memory, ability to multitask and to solve problems.