Magic of the Lightness. Light a Way Preview

Katie Kilberg D'Agostine


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Light a Way is a light, pleasant game produced by Appxplore. The game is well-designed and is so beautiful and bright as a fantastic dream. Your character is a little girl in the middle of the eternally dark forest who want to bring back a light into the world. Your friends - glowing and cute creatures - have the same mission and help you during the game. 

There is a simple side-scroller where the girl moves forward with glowing whale and fairies, and with the magic wand in her hand. All these items help in fighting with Erebus, creatures of darkness, who hold fairies captive inside their body that looks like a plant. 

At every level, you will meet 10 Erubus, nine minions and the boss. The difficulty of the level will be increasing with every fifth boss.

You can vanquish Erebus by guiding a beam of the light to them. You can do it passively or actively.

Light a Way gameplay

Your companion - a friendly bright whale, whose name is Lumi Lantern - produces a stream of cute and rainbow-coloured Lumis, who drift towards the Erubus. They blow up and dose the evil plant with the light. You can simply drown into the game aesthetic, enjoying melodic soundtrack and fairytale graphics, unless the boss made any damage to you. The boss battles are time-limited, and you must beat your enemy as quickly as possible unless he doesn’t send you to the Limbo.  

Limbo is a kind of another reality of the dark forest where you continue to fight with monsters until you collect enough stardust for improving your character, spells, and Lumis for one more attempt to finish the boss. Help your Lumis to explode your enemies with your wand by quickly tapping on the screen. 

This peaceful atmosphere, zen, calming sounds, relaxing environment and magical creatures are not combined at all with crazy tapping on the screen. It destroys the feelings of the gaming process. 

Some sliding or spinning movements could provide the necessary element without undoing the vibe. You can slide your finger to combine two same-coloured Lumis or spin the energy to create power for providing a hands-on element.

You can earn a lot of rewards with tapping, especially when you are blasting through level after level. Improve your character and Lumis with the quickly tapping, and racking up stardust. The currency of the dark forest is stardust. You can use it when Erebus are defeated. You will need a lot of stardust for upgrading your character, spells, and unlocking new Lumis. At the start of a game Light a Way gives you enough stardust for your quickly completing early levels. But with moving further your desire to make the overcoming other levels faster will increase. 

Light a Way gameplay

However, the game is free, it doesn’t have annoying ads, that clutter up the atmosphere. You can get additional stardust that builds up even you are off the game. And if you want to double your afk stardust you can watch a video to upgrade your game progress. 

If you destroy a certain number of Erubs, the daily bonuses will unlock. It includes diamonds that you can buy in the store for real money, free gems and chests with assortments of gems and wands. These free chests are available for opening once in a few hours. There is one more magical creature in the game - Phoenix, who will bless you with a boost if tapped when it flaps the way just across the screen. The Phoenix can also show you intrusive advertising instead blessing while tapping. You will see the window with a video you may watch to unlock a blessing. It happens rarely but is enough for breaking the game’s spell. 

You cannot buy all items in a game with diamonds. There are some things that require spending real money, for example - improving your Lumi Lantern. There are also changes you can apply to your character, such as girl’s dress, you can unlock a Ruby Dress. The wands also can be upgraded, and it does not only change the appearance of the game but provide stronger damage to an enemy without investing real money.

Light a Way gameplay

As further you move into the game as slower levels become. The spells are longer, and it needs countless taps to fight the boss. But you already know a solution. Just leave the game for several hours and wait until the stardust is ready in a passive mode. It will be more effective than trying your luck in the Limbo. It seems like the best strategy for higher levels if you haven’t access to diamonds yet. Diamonds can unlock perks, which are powerful spells.

You can exchange some diamonds for purchasing a Stardust Rain if you found the game process became slow down. It provides you with 4.2 billion stardust that allows you for quickly upgrading, without suffering from slow levels. At the 650th level, there is hard reset, and you will teleport to another reality like your previous, but with saving all your progress, perks and diamonds. You will return to the easy levels which you could zip through without any obstacles, even faster with your retained boosts.  

Light a Way is a simple game, based on tapping and upgrading, but the fairytale atmosphere turns it into the fantastic adventure with glowing and cute creatures, spells, runes, customizations, and accessories. There is a simple and hard tap-to-attack system with quick progress. However, the soothing atmosphere of the game doesn't match to the spoffish tapping. But despite that fact, Light a Way will enchant your attention with its charming graphics and cute personages. The game is free, except upgrading the whale, and is already available on both Android and iOS.