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Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Review

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers of the 2010s, and its ubiquity couldn’t pass Android, developed by the same company. Google Chrome for mobile devices is a serious alternative for its default browser, offering functionality comparable to its desktop version.


The primary mission of a web browser is opening web pages, with all their formatting, media elements and interactive modules. Chrome is one of the best browsers at this, rendering absolutely most pages correctly. Its mobile version can display both mobile and desktop versions of pages, adjusting them to the actual screen size. It plays embedded videos and audios, displays links and fields for posting, keeps multiple tabs and opens pages in safe mode, with no traces left in history.

To personalize your browsing, it safely stores logins and passwords, bookmarks and preferences, and displays the most frequently visited sites on its blank page. While browsing, you can search for text within the page, view the source code, save entire pages or separate elements like pictures, unless the download is forbidden by the site.

It also has special features, like Lite mode with fewer data transferred, a built-in Google translator for site interfaces, voice search, or auto suggestions as you start entering your request or URL. These features help you do more, spending less time. Caching pages for offline reading is also a useful feature when you spend part of your time offline.

You will benefit from using Chrome more if it's desktop version is the default browser on your OC. If you log in with your Google account, you’ll automatically fetch your history, your bookmarks, your passwords and cookies, and your data will automatically sync across your devices.


Chrome Mobile experience is very similar to that on desktops. The browser shares the same features, like the joint field for URLs and search requests, selectable search system (with Google by default), incognito mode, and so on. The experience is seamless as you swap the devices, especially on tablets that require fewer changes while rendering pages.

The browser is available for iOS and Android, sharing about the same functionality across these systems. Its version for upcoming iPad OS may be even closer to that for desktops.  But even now Chrome experience on iPads or Android tablets is astonishingly similar to that on desktops.

And, while the desktop Chrome is a notorious memory eater, its mobile version has much more modest appetite. You can run Chrome with multiple tabs in the background while playing a heavyweight game or running a voracious video editor, and it won’t impact the performance, due to different architectures of the OS.

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