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Pluto TV - It’s Free TV Review

Seems, that cable TV is like a landline phone: everybody knows about it, but nobody uses. And it is no surprise —  the cable TV is an expensive thing with old hardware. On the other hand, streaming TV is becoming a new paradigm in the entertainment industry. Its devices are simple to set up and easy-to-use, so even your grandmother will figure it out. For now, your favorite streaming TV apps are available not only on TV but also on the mobile phone. One of the coolest examples is Pluto. 


Pluto is one of the leading streaming TV and movie services existing on the market.  Now the app is available to download on Android or iOS, and it has more than 10M installs only on Google Play. Such success can be achieved only if you have a reliable app with lots of functionality. Pluto has a large library of TV shows on-demand, movies with more than hundred Live Channels ready to broadcast exactly on your smartphone. All movies are divided into different categories and genres like blockbuster films, cult classics, exciting horrors, soap dramas, and movies on the hype. With Pluto, you will always stay up-to-date in the world of entertainment and new movie releases. 

Pluto is completely free. You can stream the favorite TV channels or watch new movies without any credit cards, contracts, or bills. And downloading is also free of charge. We assure you that everybody will find something that he loves in the app. Additionally to on-demand movies and TV shows, users can browse across 17 exclusive movie channels including: 

  • The channel with action movies;
  • Exciting horrors with unexpected endings;
  • Documentaries that expand your knowledge;
  • Romantic movies for evenings;
  • Indie movies;
  • The channel with comedy movies for large companies;
  • Thrillers that will keep you on your toes;
  • Classics movies for all fans;
  • Family films that you can watch on the weekend;
  • Spanish-language movies to boost your Spanish. 

Moreover, watching Pluto means meeting the brightest Hollywood’s stars every day like Bradley Cooper, Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo Dicaprio and more. You can watch the movies with these actors on your small screen devices (mobile phone, tablet) or on the big screens. For this,  download Pluto on your TV or Chromecast. The size of the app varies with device. 


The usability of the app is decent. As we have mentioned above, it is easy to browse and navigate across the large media library. Users can filter the movies or channels based on their category (for example, news, documentaries, action, etc.). Also, it is easy to view the program for the day and highlight what you want to see. If you find a movie or TV show that you want to watch, but there is no time, you can simply add this to a special list and watch later. 

On the main screen, the users can find Recently Added films, Featured, what’s popular on Pluto, and other categories. 

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by Abby Christensen
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