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Internet of Things is not a fantasy or something unusual today. Now almost all homes have the conditioner or a vacuum cleaner, or other electronic things that are connected to the Internet. And it is not a surprise. With the Internet of Things, you can no longer disturb that you forgot to turn off the iron or gas on the stove you can do it from any corner of the world. All you need is the Internet. But with it, managing such a large number of connected devices is becoming more and more difficult. Google Home is the app that solves this problem. 


Google Home is an app developed by Google LLC. It is free to install, download and updated on a regular basis. With Google Home, you can easily set up, manage, and control all Google Home and Chromecast devices. Moreover, the app’s functionality expands even on the thousands of other (not Google) products. It can be room lights, cameras in the courtyard or exactly at home, thermostats, TV, speakers and other different electrical devices. 

One view of your home. This phrase is a motto and the aim of Google Home’s development. Therefore, the app has the features to control and organize compatible devices: lights, TVs, cameras, and more. Just imagine hundred home devices that you can easily control and manage in one app. It is worth to say that the size of the app is not so big only 22M. Google Home works well with Google Home and Chromecast devices, Google Nest thermostats, and Google Nest cameras.

Also, to make the navigation even faster and easier, you can use the special shortcuts for the actions you do most. It can be music playing, checking the weather or daily news, turning on the lights or, contrariwise, dimming them when you are going to sleep or watch the movie. With Google Home, you can make your home life more automotive and comfortable. Simply explore new features, connect new devices, and manage them in one place. But be ready, that not all options are available in all countries. There are some exceptions. So, do not forget to check it. 


The app has a very beautiful design. The primary colors are light with small icons on the main screen. All devices are divided into different categories to simplify the navigation across them. For example, there are Bedroom, Living room, etc. On the top of the main screen is placed the quick actions (buttons with the things you do the most). Moreover, you can see the number of connected Internet devices in a particular room just under its name. You couldn’t find any extra or unnecessary signs, all is done in the best practices of minimalism. It is very easy to tune the light’s brightness or regulate the temperature. The app’s design is responsive, and it looks really good on different devices like a mobile phone or a tablet.

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by Katie Kilberg D'Agostine
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