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iTunes Review

We used to think that all people are divided into two big groups: Apple and Android fans. But today it has lost its actuality. People are using different devices, and it is absolutely normal to have, for example, Android mobile phone for work and iPad for home. They do not ask yourself about what brand I like more, people just want to synchronize the files and programs across these platforms. Sync iTunes to android Free was designed exactly for this purpose. 


The main app’s functionality comes from its name it allows you to synchronize the iTunes library  from the PC or Mac to Android devices including iTunes playlists, music, podcasts, videos (non-DRM):

  • There are no files or time limits;
  • The app saves the playlist order; 
  • iTunes data will synchronize to Android on the internal or SD card storage;
  • Sync iTunes to android Free can easily define what the files have been already synchronized so that it saves the time and do not download these media files again;
  • The app organizes the music from iTunes as folders;
  • As you add new songs to your iTunes library, the title will detect this and synced to Android in your next session.

Moreover, you can not worry if you have long playlists and suddenly lost the Internet connection. The app automatically resumes the synchronization from where it left, so you are not required to start all from the beginning. And one more useful feature: the users can filter the tracks to be synchronized to Android device by size, length, date, and more. The setup process is fast and simple. It consists of 3 steps. Firstly, install the app on your Android device (you can do it from Google Play or Amazon), then download Sync iTunes to android Free to your computer (available only for Windows or Mac). And finally, synchronize iTunes library to Android device. The app has an understandable guide on the official site. If you face different sorts of troubles, you can always use it. 

Sync iTunes to android Free is completely free of charge to download but it has two versions: free and premium. If you purchase the upgrade version, you will have the opportunity to synchronize more than 100 songs. Users can check the version they have by the icon’s color: the free version has a blue icon and paid has a green sign. 


The process of synchronization is very simple. All you need is just to create a new playlist or use the old one and, then, transfer to the folder the files you want to sync with your Android device. It is important to check if your PC and Android are connected to the Internet and use the same hotspot as the Android device. The final step launch the app. To tell the truth, the design does not use modern patterns, but there are no unnecessary buttons. The navigation is simple and understandable even for newcomers.

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Professional Review
by Katie Kilberg D'Agostine
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