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Find My iPhone Review

Find My iPhone is the app designed by Apple to help iPhone owners to find their devices. It helps not only to track the iOS gadget but to protect the information you keep on iCloud. Besides the iPhone, you can use it for Mac, iPod touch, and iPad.


The main function of the app is to help locate the phone if you forget where you’ve left it. We all have been in this situation, at least once in a lifetime. Usually, it is an incredibly stressful situation, especially when you have all your data left reachable there and you don’t know where it is. Even the locating function would be enough for this app to be a life-saver. But Amazon added other features as well:

  • The app provides you with the map and points out the location of the device. You are going to need an Internet connection to follow your phone on the map;
  • Don’t worry if you turned off the sound of the device, it will play the sound for two minutes to help you locate it;
  • You may lock down your phone until you find it, so all your information will be kept in safety. Register yourself on iCloud, so it can store all your data for you;
  • The Lost Mode helps you to check the location history of your phone. It may be handy in case your phone has been stolen. It is better to go to the police with this information. Don’t forget to save the last coordinates of the phone;
  • The app grants you with instructions on how to drive to your phone;
  • You are able to check the charge of your battery via the app;
  • In case of emergency, you might need to erase the private content or settings on your phone from distance, and the app will help you with that.
  • All the functionality of Find My iPhone is customized and is convenient for use even for inexperienced iPhone owners. Apple took care of every possible need of users. When you lost your phone, don’t panic and open the app to see its location on the map.


Find My iPhone app is made for any iOS device. It is easy to use even in various unpredictable situations. All you need is to tap the button and track your phone. It has a user-friendly interface and pleasant design. All the tools are reachable with one tap. There is a map on the main screen that shows your device on it. If you need more instructions, press Help in the left upper corner of the screen. You are able to choose one of the Actions and later come back to the menu again, but tapping on All icon.

The Find My iPhone is available on all popular languages, so you will not have problems with that. Before you start downloading this app, check whether you have 8.0 iOS system or later and if you have enough empty space on your phone. It needs to have at least 10.6 MB of free place. This app requires WiFi or cellular Internet for its work. You will have to create your Apple ID to use iCloud.

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