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TeamViewer for Remote Control Review

TeamViewer is the app that allows you to navigate your devices from the distance. If you need to plug into your smartphone, PC or tablet while you are far away from the device itself, use this app. TeamViewer app was made to help you to take control of your gadgets.


TeamViewer app is one of the most popular apps for businessmen. It gives you remote control over devices you need to use. Unlike other apps with similar functions, it offers secure remote access. Its main functions are:

  • Complete remote control over other devices with screen demonstration you need for your work;
  • Intuitive navigation;
  • You are able to send and receive files in both directions between your mobile device and desktop, or two mobiles;
  • You may control your list of computers and contacts you’ve saved in the app;
  • There is a chat option available between devices. You may exchange messages with the person behind the other computer without a need to open another chat app;
  • Video and sound will be transferred with the highest quality. You can watch the video or listen to the record in a real life, in its original quality;
  • Each session is decoded on the highest level. You don’t need to worry about your private documents. Just make sure you remember your own passwords. If you want to use your colleague’s computer, ask for a code of access. This system may be a little bit complicated but it is made for the security of TeamViewer’s users.


Many of us are familiar with the TeamViewer program, so it is not hard to understand how the mobile app works. It has minor differences from the well-known desktop analog. It has a clear and advanced design made specifically to help you with your working process. It is made in its original blue and white colors. Basically, all you need to do is to remember password and tap on the tools you want to use. There are not so much various functions, so you can learn controls really quick.

The main functions are hidden in the bar below the screen. The icons are really intuitive and the chat window can’t be mistaken for anything else. But since you receive total control over another device, you may need to learn how to navigate it from distance. You may control Linux, Mac OS, and Windows platforms of computers. As for mobile devices, you will be able to navigate Windows 10 Mobile and Android.

Instruction for beginning the work with TeamViewer app is easy: download the app on your mobile, then download and install TeamViewer Quick Support on the device you want to receive access to. The ID field will jump up on your screen, and you have to enter it. After that, the device will be connected via the app.

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