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Football Review

For all the diehard football lovers out there, you are missing out on all the fun and excitement if you haven’t installed Football gaming app on your device. Browse the scouts, form your team, and compete against eminent teams and clubs of the football world in the Football 2018 game. It is time to experience HD graphics, intuitive controls, and the motivating cheering of the crowd in the stands.

The graphics of a game is an unavoidable aspect as these are crucial establishing a connection with the player. If the graphics are excellent, a gamer will connect with the game in a better way. The developers of Football 2018, Games Gear Studio Limited, have ensured integration of HD graphics in the game. The graphics and design look good in the game, but they have failed to impress when it comes to implementation. 

The gameplay is pretty much evident from the name. It revolves the football game. You can select players from a list of players that represent different clubs and countries. Some of the prominent players have achieved a distinct identity while some of them are striving hard to gain the status of an esteemed player. Based on their performance score, you can recruit them in your team. Or you can just choose the club of the country team. Further, you can adjust the formation on the ground. 

There are multiple levels in the game. As you complete the levels with flying colors, you will proceed further in the game. According to your performance, the scores will be allotted to you. Based on your rating and points, you will earn rewards in the game. 

In the game of football, the controls of the game are significant. In Football 2018, the developers have ensured smooth and intuitive controls for effortless gaming. You can change the directions from the direction keys placed on the left side. On the right side, there are three options – Pass, Grab and Hit. Based on your position in the game, you can apply any of these controls. The performance of the game in terms of control is satisfactory. 

One of the negative aspects of the game can be lack of implementation at every stage. Whether it’s selecting the teams or the reward system, the game fails to provide a decent gaming experience to the players. The game lacks one of the essential features of today’s gaming – the option to play with other online players or comparing scores on the leaderboards. 


  • Commendable attempt on HD graphics;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Captures the essence of a football game.


  • Poor implementation;
  • Too many advertisements.
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Professional Review
by Anthony Bunn
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