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Move to iOS Review

Move to iOS is a tool developed by Apple to help Android users with switching to Apple devices. Use it if you want to transfer your personal data to your iPhone or iPad, quickly and with no cloud or Internet involved.


The app is meant for transferring your most private and most sensitive information from your current Android device to your new iPhone. It can transfer your phone book, your message history, the bookmarks in your browser, the photos stored on your device, your calendars and mail accounts.

It can also auto-install matching free apps if they are available both for Android and iOS if you opt for this. Paid matching apps will be wishlisted, so you’ll be able to install them any time you want. Alas, paying for them is still required, but time and effort it saves are worthy too.

The trick of the app is that it doesn’t need an Internet connection or any third-party carriers. No flash drives required, even those designed for Apple devices. No clouds to store the data you transfer. It all happens in private, between your old and new device.

After the transfer is finished, all your data will be available on the iDevice, right where it should be, as if it all was created right on the iPhone. Photos will be on Camera Roll, contacts in Phone section, and your default mail app will operate the mail accounts from your Android smartphone.

If you don’t plan to keep your Android device after purchasing an iPhone, you better factory reset it. If not, take measures to keep your devices synced. It’s best achieved with connecting your Google account to your iPhone in its Settings.


The trick of this app is that it has to be controlled from both devices simultaneously. The reason is that your iPhone creates a special ad hoc Wi-Fi network, becoming a hotspot, and that provides the fast safe transfer. Of course, installing the apps you select will require connection to the Internet.

First, you need to run Move to iOS on your Android. Then turn on your iPhone and while setting it up, select Import from Android rather than creating a new one. Then your iDevice should display a code you need to enter on your iPhone. As they match, the connection launches, and you select what data to transfer.

The only inconvenience is the necessity to have both devices with you, your old Android one and your new iPhone or iPad. They need to be connected directly. If you need to get rid of your old device before setting up the new one, or just sell it before, you better select some other way. But, if you get your iPhone within a trade-in program, you’ll probably have a chance to transfer your data with the app and then remove it from the one you pass.

There can be issues on Android 9.0 and above, but they are considered temporary. The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

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